Assess your SharePoint Applications before Deployment

Poorly designed SharePoint and Office 365 applications can introduce risks if they are not assessed before deployment.

Rencore helps you and your team to understand how your SharePoint applications are built and whether they contain any harmful code.

Don't deploy harmful and potentially insecure applications to production ever again!

Are you ready to take the first step towards establishing a quality gate in your deployment process? Schedule a Rencore Risk Assessment to learn more about the current state of your SharePoint environment and how to optimize it.

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Your data is at risk!

Make the most out of SharePoint and Office 365

Your organization extends SharePoint and Office 365 to tailor it to your business needs by adding applications. SharePoint applications range from small scripts, forms and workflows to bespoke applications built by professional developers.

Applications introduce risks

No matter the type, applications put your organization's data at risk by communicating with external services and using unverified third-party building blocks.

The consequences of blindly deploying applications

Deploying poorly built applications leads to a range of detrimental effects for your business such as loss of intellectual property, legal fines, noncompliance to standards, image loss, and competitive disadvantage.

Discover risks before they hurt your business

Take our Risk Assessment to find what SharePoint applications are used in your organization, what risks they pose and how you can mitigate them.

Make an action plan today to check your applications before deploying them.

Mitigate SharePoint application risks
in 3 simple steps



The Rencore platform scans your SharePoint and Office 365 environment and discovers all applications ranging from scripts, forms, workflows, to applications built by professional developers.



Our powerful analysis engine assesses your SharePoint application risks, our experts will show you the threats they pose to your organization and ways how to mitigate them.



Using this detailed information, we help you to make an action plan for your organization to prevent these risks from becoming a problem.