Discover the health of your SharePoint and Office 365

The free Rencore SharePoint and Office 365 Health Check is the first step towards staying in control of your collaboration environment.

Our free tool analyses your SharePoint Farm and Office 365 tenant to give you a comprehensive report of the most urgent issues discovered across all applications, customizations, scripts and configurations.

The latest release empowers you to also stay in control of your Microsoft Flows and PowerApps and to get more actionable data of each vulnerability detected by providing the URL location.

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“78% of organizations struggle to keep up to date with their ever-growing SharePoint and Office 365 environments.“
— Rencore customer research, 2018

Our free Health Check provides:

  • Accumulated Health Status of the scanned segment of your SharePoint environment
  • Instant statistics on the findings (vulnerabilities, apps scanned, etc.)
  • Detailed insights and location (url) for a limited number of vulnerabilities

Struggles with staying in control

Many support requests related to SharePoint and Office 365 stem from a sprawling environment of apps, scripts, services and configuration. Finding the root cause of these issues and who is responsible for fixing them is getting more impossible by the day.

Consequences of poor environment health

Consequences of poor SharePoint and Office 365 environment health will take its toll on your organization and will lead to increased support costsapplication outage and data loss if not addressed.

A clean bill of health for your SharePoint and Office 365 environment

Run the free Rencore SharePoint and Office 365 Health Check tool, get actionable data on issues in your environment and start fixing them today.

Take the first step towards optimizing your SharePoint and Office 365 health
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which SharePoint versions are supported?

SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and SharePoint Online are supported.

Which permissions are required to run the app?

The app uses the permissions of the current user to discover vulnerabilities. The more permissions you have, the more vulnerabilities it will potentially uncover. 

Which authentication methods are supported?

For SharePoint on-premises you can authenticate using NTLM, Kerberos or ADFS. For SharePoint Online, you will log in using your organization account.

What results does the app provide?

The app will provide a report containing a comprehensive SharePoint Applications Health Status, an inventory of the discovered applications and a list and location of the discovered vulnerabilities. If you want to get more results, please contact us to learn more about our full assessment offering.

What does the app scan for?

The Health Check app is looking into things like Flows and PowerApps, script files, solution packages and custom actions. Accessing some of this information requires site owner permissions but even if you're not a site owner, you should be able to analyze parts of your sites.

What kinds of issues does the app detect?

The app reports vulnerabilities that range from upgrade blockers to code vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious users. The list of vulnerabilities the app is checking for is the result of our experts' extensive experience in SharePoint and publicly known code vulnerabilities published in various databases.

How does the app access the data?

The app communicates with SharePoint and Office 365 using its remote APIs on behalf of the user who is logged in to the application.

How secure is the application?

The application accesses configuration information of your SharePoint and Office 365 environment and contents of code files such as JavaScript or HTML. The application doesn't store these files on disk. Instead, it only analyses them and stores the analysis report with aggregated results on your own computer.

What is the impact on my environments when running the app?

The tool uses SharePoint and Office 365 REST APIs to retrieve the necessary information. It allows you to analyze up to 10 sites/Flows/PowerApps. Because it retrieves only configuration metadata and code files, it has a negligible impact on your SharePoint/Office 365 environment.

Who should use the Health Check App?

Everyone managing a SharePoint/Office 365 environment will benefit from the insights the app provides. No matter if you are an admin, platform owner, architect or dev. If you care about the health of your SharePoint environment and want to know if there is something that requires immediate attention, you should use our tool.