Cloud Collaboration – What Microsoft 365 Admins need to know in 2022



Microsoft 365 admins and platform owners had to deal with a lot at the start of the pandemic: Not only did remote-working speed up digital transformation, but it also posed a new set of challenges when it came to managing the cloud.

Admins found themselves dealing with problems reactively instead of proactively, struggling to stay in control of M365 environments while putting fires out left, right, and center. Having complete visibility into their tenants became crucial for admins to respond to critical issues promptly and keep collaboration continuity across the business.

Admins are called the cornerstones of every organization's IT operation for this good reason, and we had the honor to talk to 217 of them throughout the past two and a half years. From those talks, our research team has identified the main topics that will be important for admins and platform owners in 2022.

In our webinar, our Head of Business Development, Björn Erkens will share more about our research project and what we learned from it to make your day-to-day life easier!

Watch this Webinar and discover:

  • the underlying problems platform admins face daily
  • solutions for identifying issues before they become problems
  • a checklist every platform admin must implement

Your expert speaker


Björn Erkens

Björn Erkens was a Product Owner Governance at Rencore. In his role, he was responsible for researching trends and challenges that organizations are facing with regard to Microsoft 365 Cloud Governance. Björn was part of the Rencore product team and ensured that what he learned was incorporated into Rencore products.