Is M365 governance still optional? Mapping the pros and cons of M365 governance


In our daily conversations with Microsoft 365 admins and platform owners about Microsoft 365 governance, we come across one piece of common knowledge all the time: there is no one-size-fits-all governance approach. Done right, it is vital to every organization. But focusing on the wrong metrics, following the wrong practices and even providing the wrong insights to the wrong audiences will render a governance approach useless.

In this webinar, we want to discuss the various levels of M365 governance and how they affect everyday business, how to keep on top of them and the dire consequences of neglecting any of them.

We are delighted to have Charlotte Cutts, our in-house legal specialist, join Bjoern Erkens to shine a light on the legal side of governance implementation.

Watch this Webinar and learn:

  • How many governance layers are vital for your organization’s security
  • Why establishing governance is the only way to save unnecessary cost on licensing and storage
  • The legal aspect of governance
  • A hands-on strategy on how to get started with governance

Your expert speakers


Björn Erkens

Björn Erkens was a Product Owner Governance at Rencore. In his role, he was responsible for researching trends and challenges that organizations are facing with regard to Microsoft 365 Cloud Governance. Björn was part of the Rencore product team and ensured that what he learned was incorporated into Rencore products.

Charlotte Cutts

She is the Data Protection & Compliance Officer at Rencore, and is responsible for handling data protection topics, coordinating IT certifications and processing general legal questions from her Rencore colleagues. She is part of the Business Operations team.