How much does Microsoft Copilot really cost? Everything you need to know about Copilot licensing in 2024


There’s no arguing that adopting Microsoft Copilot in your organization comes with a cost. But is Copilot more accessible in 2024? At least that’s what the latest update of Microsoft dropping the minimum 300 seats requirement points to.  

In early 2023, when Microsoft announced that it will launch Copilot later that year, there was a lot of anticipation in the months adding up to it. However, when the tool was indeed rolled out, it raised many an eyebrow primarily because of its complex licensing requirements.  

Microsoft’s licensing models aren’t the easiest to navigate and are constantly amended from E3 to E5 licenses and everything in between. For instance, even most recently, Microsoft announced changes to Copilot licensing eligibility. Starting February 2024, Copilot will be available to all faculty and higher education students of ages 18 and above. Microsoft Copilot can also be consumed in an Android, iOS and Microsoft 365 App for free. Since January 15th, Microsoft also offers a Pro Version of this free Copilot for customers using Microsoft 365 Business Premium und Business Standard. 

As a new year begins, organizations have decision to make – commit to Copilot or is the AI tool not for you? This webinar will provide you with everything you need to know about Copilot licensing, so that you can make an informed choice.  


What will you learn?

  • Latest changes to Copilot licensing
  • ROI – what makes sense for your organization?
  • Best practices for Copilot adoption
  • Why you should think about AI Governance now
  • Q&A


Join our speakers Ragnar Heil and Charles Collins-Hooper, where they walk you through the licensing requirements and pricing of Microsoft Copilot.  

Our Speakers


Ragnar Heil

Ragnar is the Global Director of Partners & Alliances at Rencore. His long-standing career in the technology industry includes roles at Microsoft and most recently Quest, where he successfully built a partner channel around cloud technologies. Ragnar will now help SIs and MSPs around the globe to provide their clients with efficient, secure, cost-effective, and future-proof Microsoft 365 services.  He has published several books, including articles about Social Intranets, Digital Business and Brand Ambassadors as Guides in the Information Age. He is passionate about Social Media, improving Business Collaboration, and reinventing Productivity.

Charles Collins-Hooper

Charles is the Partner & Alliance Manager at Rencore – Cementing together the business relationships that count.