The hidden cost of not governing Microsoft 365

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Obviously, a lot of effort has to go into governing M365. But this cost usually gets massively outweighed by the cost of NOT governing your M365 at all.

Unassuming costs arise in many forms as platform growth rapidly increases, from resources required to storage limits to licenses – unused or tiered. These costs can quickly pile up, and you might unknowingly overspend heavily or unnecessarily run over budget.

Join the webinar with Microsoft MVP Matthias Einig and learn how to get an instant overview of your M365 cost-saving potential and how to optimize your M365 spending.

Don’t have a governance plan in place yet? Learn how to find out how much money you would save if you did, at the click of a button.

Learn how to:
  • Locate disabled user accounts and over-licensed users
  • Rectify disabled accounts
  • Track flows, PowerApps, and APIs that require premium or custom connectors
  • Know your capacity threshold and set capacity alerts
  • Efficiently automate governance tasks and processes
  • Monitor unnecessary platform costs as part of your overall governance approach for Microsoft 365

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Matthias Einig

Matthias is a Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP and the CEO and founder of Rencore. Matthias is speaking regularly at international Microsoft 365 conferences and community events and co-organized many standout industry events such as the European Collaboration Summit and various European SharePoint Saturdays.