Microsoft 365 governance strategy: Build vs. Buy – what’s the right path for you?

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This Microsoft 365 governance strategy whitepaper outlines the challenges of governing the Microsoft cloud and provides answers by guiding readers in their journey towards a mature Microsoft 365 governance approach. Based on this information, you come to a sound understanding of whether building or buying a governance solution will meet your business needs.

This is what you can expect from our whitepaper:

  • a comprehensive overview of Microsoft 365 governance challenges and answers to overcome them.
  • an understanding of where your organization currently stands with its Microsoft 365 governance approach and whether an upgrade to the next level is necessary.
  • a business case comparison of when it makes sense to build or buy a Microsoft 365 governance solution.
Through extensive research conducted over the past years, we have a clear picture of what it takes to deliver a robust Microsoft 365 governance approach that stands the test of time. Throughout this whitepaper, we identify the challenges, map out when you face them, and present answers to overcome and deliver a scalable modern governance solution.
Matthias Einig
Microsoft MVP and CEO at Rencore