Understanding Microsoft Cloud Services and Security

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As organizations increasingly shift from on-premises infrastructure towards cloud solutions, this whitepaper discusses the evolving landscape of cloud services and security. Authored by Microsoft MVP Alumni Liam Cleary, CEO and Owner at SharePlicity, the whitepaper emphasizes the need for organizations to acknowledge and readily address security concerns that arise from this transition.

With a focus on Microsoft cloud – specifically Microsoft 365 and Azure services- it provides valuable insights as well as guidance to mitigate security risks. This resource is produced in collaboration with TekkiGurus.

This whitepaper will help you:

  • Learn about security concerns that arise from rapid digital transformation
  • Understand the real issues around security within the Microsoft Cloud
  • Identify gaps between perceived and real security concerns
  • Develop an action plan that fits your organization

A previous version of the report was authored based on the research conducted by the BYU Marriott School of Management research team in association with CollabTalk LLC

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The optimal scenario for getting the absolute most out of SharePoint collaboration is having an open environment to share and collaborate on documents in a controlled way. Having full visibility of how collaboration is happening, and a complete understanding of the governance pain points allows IT to act quickly. Throughout this whitepaper, we address those SharePoint collaboration governance best practices and provide a framework for executing a SharePoint governance strategy to foster controlled collaboration throughout and outside the organization.
Matthias Einig
Microsoft MVP and CEO at Rencore