Spring-clean your Microsoft 365: Bring your A-game to your governance plan  

45 min
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Information surge is happening faster than ever before – the magnitude of data being created and stored every single workday is massive. 

As we delve deeper into 2024, Microsoft’s product roadmap is proof that even deeper integrations across its suite of applications are on the cards. Amidst all this, IT administrators grapple with a dual mandate: managing the expansive cloud sprawl while safeguarding critical company data. The key to navigating this complex terrain? Effective governance. 

Join this special webinar as part of our annual Spring Cleaning campaign with our speakers Ragnar Heil and Christian Buckley and learn why governance is the ultimate goal and how you can achieve it by taking the first step – decluttering!  

From decluttering your Microsoft tenant to optimizing cost and gaining complete visibility across your M365, we explain the paths you can take to reach your end goal. 

What will you learn?

  • The hidden cost of not governing your Microsoft 365 
  • How to carry out deep service inventory and gain visibility  
  • Identify and remove inactive and unused teams and other orphaned resources
  • Create your own Governance Reports and Compliance Checks within seconds and add automation to save time 
  • Manage Files in Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint site collections  
  • Prepare for Copilot, secure sensitive content and prevent risky data leaks
  • Walkthrough of Rencore Governance and how we can help you maintain a clean tenant

Learn the perfect strategy for governing the ever-evolving M365 ecosystem in 2024. 

Your expert speakers


Ragnar Heil

Ragnar is the Global Director of Partners & Alliances at Rencore. His long-standing career in the technology industry includes roles at Microsoft and most recently Quest, where he successfully built a partner channel around cloud technologies. Ragnar will now help SIs and MSPs around the globe to provide their clients with efficient, secure, cost-effective, and future-proof Microsoft 365 services.  He has published several books, including articles about Social Intranets, Digital Business and Brand Ambassadors as Guides in the Information Age. He is passionate about Social Media, improving Business Collaboration, and reinventing Productivity.


Christian Buckley

Christian is the Director of Partner Management for the North American market for Rencore. He is an Office Servers and Services MVP and Microsoft Regional Director with expertise as a collaboration, productivity, and digital marketing subject matter expert, and founder of CollabTalk LLC, an independent analyst and technical marketing services company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He regularly speaks at events and conferences around the world.