Are your SharePoint applications outdated?

Keeping your SharePoint and Office 365 modern and in-line with the latest Microsoft updates keeps your business processes running harmoniously. Outdated technology disrupts the status - quo and can significantly impact on financial gains.

Technology that is not supported in the cloud, undocumented dependencies or business users using scripts to extend SharePoint without IT knowing are issues that most organizations face when upgrading.


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“9 out of 10 SharePoint deployments are customized which leads to very frequent failure during the upgrade.”
— Gartner


Customization and Farm Assessment

Over time, both IT and end users will tailor SharePoint to what the business needs, using web apps, sites, solutions, lists, fields, content types, large lists etc.  As technology evolves, these customizations will get outdated and therefore will negatively affect upgrade and modernization efforts. Get an overview of your SharePoint environment today.


User Customization Assessment

With citizen development on the rise, it's common for your IT department to be unaware of InfoPath forms, workflows, custom scripts, custom master pages etc. added by power users. Knowing about these applications means you can better assess their suitability for migration. Perform an audit today.


Usage of your Customizations

Knowing which customizations and applications are in use means you can identify what is actually relevant for your current and future SharePoint environment. Identifying active customizations and applications will make Modernization and Migration transitions seamless. Identify customization usage today.


Roadblocks to your Migration

Identifying outdated and deprecated solutions eliminates many of the blockers associated with planning and undertaking a Modernization and Migration project. Identify the common roadblocks that could impact on your future projects and perform an assessment today.

Discover your SharePoint migration roadblocks.

Mitigate SharePoint modernization roadblocks in 3 simple steps



The Rencore platform discovers applications in your SharePoint environment ranging from scripts, forms and workflows to applications built by professional developers. It builds up an inventory of your applications including information about their usage and how they are built.



After discovering SharePoint applications, you review them and decide which applications to modernize and which to decommission. The Rencore platform helps you decide by providing you with insights on the application technology, usage and complexity.



Once you start modernizing your SharePoint applications, the Rencore platform will help you keep track of the progress and provide you with targeted guidance relevant to the type of applications you work with. For specific types of applications, the platform offers you one-click modernization options.