Discover your SharePoint Application Risks

SharePoint and Office 365 play an integral part in many organizations IT infrastructure. Here's why: the highly customizable features can be extended to fit business needs improving business productivity. However, there is a caveat.

Poorly designed SharePoint and Office 365 applications can introduce risks to your environment. Take our Risk Assessment to understand how your SharePoint applications are built, whether they contain any harmful code, and let our experts help you create an action plan to resolve any risks.

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“Nearly 80% of applications written for the web contain at least one vulnerability on initial assessment.”
— Rencore customer research, 2018


App Security Risks

Data leakage can lead to legal fines, loss of intellectual property, and image. You are also open to permission elevation from unwanted users.


App Governance Risks

Your organization is obliged to meet certain industry standards by law. If standards like GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, and ISO are not met, legal action is taken.


App Management Risks

Poor or insufficient app management will lead to business continuity disruption, increased support effort and cost.


App Modernization Risks

Outdated applications cause inaccurate estimates for modernization projects, unpredictable planning and unforeseen costs.

Discover  and reslove your SharePoint application risks.

Mitigate SharePoint application risks
in 3 simple steps



The Rencore platform scans your SharePoint and Office 365 environment and discovers all applications ranging from scripts, forms, workflows, to applications built by professional developers.



Our powerful analysis engine assesses your SharePoint application risks and shows you the threats they pose to your organization.



Our experts will go through the detailed assessment with you and help you create an action plan to mitigate the risks before they become a problem.