Strategies to secure your M365: Tools and governance best practices 

45 min
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Microsoft 365 has become an indispensable tool for organizations worldwide, facilitating not only seamless collaboration, but also ensuring safe and secure collaboration across teams. With great convenience, however, comes greater responsibility.  

M365 users face a myriad of security risks, ranging from data breaches to cyberattacks. While Microsoft’s own tools help keep the suite secure, M365 governance forms the foundation for effective security measures.  

Join us on April 17 to discover the suite of security tools within M365 and learn how they can be leveraged to strengthen your organization's existing defences against security threats. 

Our expert speakers Jussi Roine – Microsoft MVP and CEO & Co-founder of North Advisors & Not Bad Security, and Alex Vollmar - the Head of Sales at Rencore, will help you understand the security risks associated with M365 and collaboration.  

What will you learn?

  • Security vulnerabilities that M365 users encounter 
  • Best practices recommended by security experts  
  • AI tools and security considerations  
  • Why governance is essential for establishing a secure M365 operation  

Watch and learn how to secure your M365 environment and explore the tools available to do so. 

Your expert speakers

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Jussi Roine

Jussi Roine is an experienced IT architect and a Microsoft MVP focusing on the cloud and security. Based in Finland, he's also the CEO & Co-founder of North Advisors & Not Bad Security. 


Alex Vollmar

Alex is the Head of Sales at Rencore.