SharePoint reporting has never been easier!

Your organization extends SharePoint and Office 365 to meet its business needs. Until now, it was impossible for you to keep track of all applications built by IT and business users.

The free Rencore SharePoint Application Health Check is the first step towards fixing issues in your SharePoint environment. Our solution gives you a comprehensive report that shows you the most urgent issues in your SharePoint applications.

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"78% of administrators struggle identifying if they should support a reported issue or not"
— Rencore customer research, 2018
Rencore Health Check App results window

Our free SharePoint report provides:

  • Accumulated Health Status of the scanned segment of your SharePoint environment
  • Instant statistics on the findings (vulnerabilities, apps scanned, etc.)
  • Detailed insights into a limited number of vulnerabilities

Struggles with monitoring applications

Many support tickets that you get everyday come from applications. You struggle with finding the root cause of these issues and who is responsible for fixing them. This takes time and prevents users from using SharePoint.

Consequences of poor SharePoint Health

The consequences of Poor SharePoint health will take its toll on your organization and when not addressed it leads to: increased support costsapplication outage and data loss.

Receive a clean bill of health for your SharePoint

Run the free Rencore SharePoint Health Check now and find out issues in your SharePoint to start fixing them today.