Change to global consent for Power Platform

Due to Microsoft changes that affect the Power Platform services, Power Apps and Power Automate currently do not provide updated data in Rencore Governance for environments created between Monday, July 26th and Thursday, July 29th, that were connected using global consent. Re-consent is required.  

If per service consent was used to setup your tenant or you do NOT want to monitor Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate), this change does not affect you – no action required.

Rencore Governance offers two ways to give consent for your tenant:  

  1. Per Service Consent: Using this method, you give consent per Service (e.g. SharePoint access only). If this is the process you went through when you signed up, no action is required on your end. 
  2. Global Consent: In this case, consent to only one Azure App that allows access for all services of Rencore Governance was needed.  
    Since Microsoft’s recent changes, the Power Platform now has an additional app that requires consent (delegated consent). The consent must be given by a user with special permissions:  
    • Power Plattform administrator role.
    • A license assigned that allows access to Power Automate and Power Apps (e.g. E3 license).  

        To monitor Power Platform, please visit and (re)consent as follows:  


        Upon opening your environment, you will see the banner shown above. Click Consent now to see if your tenant is connected using global or per service consent:  

        If you gave global consent, please give consent to the new Power Platform app: