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How is data handled for on-prem assessments?

This article will list the queries for security with on-prem assessments.

Below, are the main security queries with regard to on-prem assessments.

  • Does the assessment write data to the farm?
    • No, the assessment is completely read-only. It does not write anything to the Sharepoint farm.
  • Does actual data go to Rencore?
    • No, not directly. However, we will ask that you do a scan of your farm which ultimately produces a file that we require to analyze and produce reports for you.
  • How is my data protected after the assessment is completed?
    • We store the data in a storage account in Azure, once the assessment is complete we delete the whole storage account. 
  • Does the assessment show personal details about organizations or users?
    • No, by default design the data is anonymized. As such a unique reference id replaces the name of users, which can be tracked.
  • Does the assessment scan uncommitted data?
    • No, the analysis will only scan committed data.


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