How to: Activate SPCAF in DocAve

This article explains how to activate SPCAF in DocAve.

Note: This functionality is only available with a SPCAF Farm build license.

SharePoint code analysis can be executed during a DocAve Deployment Manager job. This helps to ensure the correctness of the SharePoint code before deployment. An overview and summary of the code quality will be reported.

In order to activate your SPCAF License in DocAve, you will need to do the following on the Machine(s) that will be running the DocAve Agent Jobs.

1. Copy the SPCAF License.lic to the Local App Data Folder for the user of that runs DocAve 6 Agent Service. For Example:

    • If the agent is running as Administrator then it would need to go into "C:\Users\administrator\AppData\Local\SPCAF".
    • If agent running as System User it would go into "C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\SPCAF".

2. Open DocAve Deployment Manager.

3. Select Farm Solutions or APP deployment through Online Deployment and then select the option "Test Run with SPCAF".

4. Download the Job Report from the Job Monitor to get the overview and summary of the code quality report.

Remember: The above must be done on the machine(s) running the DocAve Agent(s) not the DocAve Manager Server.