How to: Add Environments to a Workspace

This article shows the process of adding environments to a workspace.

  1. To add an environment to a workspace you will need to:
    Click on the Environments tab in the top left corner of Rencore Governance.ReGov_AddEnvironment_Environments-914x466
  2. Then click on Manage Environments.
  3. In the Environments screen click on "Add environment" in the top right.ReGov_AddEnvironment_Add-1490x561
  4. Select the service you want to govern by enabling/disabling the slider per service and then clicking "Done". ReGov_AddEnvironment_Done-1902x933
  5. On the new screen that appears once again click "Connect".ReGov_AddingEnv_ConsentST1-1887x892
  6. You will then need to sign in to your tenant with an admin account.
  7. Click "Accept".
  8. You will see the Environment that you have connected to and which account is connected. You will need to grant either Global consent or against the services you want to govern by toggling the selector, then click "Give consent", you will then need to enter the admin account that will grant access.ReGov_AddingEnv_ConsentSelect-1887x895
  9. Once complete you can either click "Done" at the top of the page or click "Explore Rencore Governance" to click on "Start Full Scan" in stage 3. This will take you back to the Default Dashboard.