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How to: Add your first Environment?

This article will guide you through adding your first Environment to Rencore AnalysisCloud.

AnalysisCloud provides you with all the means to develop a Governance Plan fitted to your needs, define and evolve Corporate Policies and Rules, and continuously monitor and enforce their Compliance

So now you have access to AnalysisCloud, you need to add an environment to analyze and govern. Once logged in to the portal you will automatically be prompted to add an environment.

1. On "Name of Environment" enter a name for the environment. This does not have any effect on the analysis but will help you to monitor your environments, so make it relevant to your tenant.

2. On the "Environment type" click the drop down and choose the type of environment you are adding.

3. This is the most important part of adding your tenant as an environment. On "SharePoint URL" enter the Tenant Administration URL (e.g. https//contoso-admin.sharepoint.com).

4. Click on the "Terms of Services" and read through them once happy to our Terms of Services click the checkbox to agree to them and click the "Add Environment" button.

5. You will be sent to your SharePoint Tenant Admin and are requested to grant permission for rencore.cloud. Please read this fully and click the "Accept" button.


Back in your AnalysisCloud portal, the environment will be set up, click the "Run" button, to perform your first analysis.


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