How to: Add Automation?

This article guides through the automation of a check-in Rencore Governance.

Automations are automatic process triggers that let you enforce your governance plan by triggering automation built with Power Automate, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, or notifications via Email or Teams whenever a check is violated.

There are two methods of adding automation, either directly on a check, or on the "Automation" link on the taskbar. 

Directly on a Check

To add automation directly from a check, you will need to click on the "Checks" link on the taskbar to display all checks. Go down to the check you want to automation and click on the check.

This will show you details about the check including any currently configured automation's. Now on this new screen click the "Add Automation" button on the right-hand side. Govern_Automation_CheckAdd_1880x231

You will see the "Automation Library", see "Creating the Automation" below for setting up the automation.

Automation Tab

Once you click on the "Automation" tab you will see the list of all currently configured automation. You will see the "Automation Library", see "Creating the Automation" below for setting up the automation.

Creating the Automation

On the Automation Library screen click on one of the available automation.

Govern_Automation_Library_1920x690An information tab will appear advising how to use the current automation. At the bottom of this screen click "Create new Automation".

Next, you will be presented with a choice of how the automation should trigger this can be:

  • All violated checks: Choosing this option will set the trigger against all violated checks
  • Specific Checks: Choosing this option will all you to trigger the automation against specific checks that are enabled in the dropdown.
    • If you went to add the automation through a check directly the check used will automatically be selected.

  • All checks which match filter: Choosing this option will display additional parameters. Here you can specify:
    • All checks for a service - Allows you to specify a service or services you are governing. Selecting a service will enable all checks for that service.
    • All checks with severity - Allows you to specify a severity. Selecting a severity will enable all checks that have this rating.
    • All checks in category - Allows you to specify a category. Selecting a category will enable all checks within that category.

Once you have chosen the desired trigger click "Next".

The next step is to configure the automation. For example, Entering the email address you wish the notification to be sent to.

Once configured click the "Next" button.

On the final screen, you will need to provide a "Name" and "Description" for the automation.

Click "Test Automation" and make sure that it is enabled and click "Done" to complete the setup of the automation.