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How to: Chose the target platform for migration?

Once you have analyzed your Farm Inventory file (.sptfInventory) or Windows SharePoint file (.wsp) in SPTransformator and have gone through the steps and are ready for migration, you can choose what target platform you are going to migrate to.

Although SPTransformator does not do the migration for you, it helps you to provision declarative artifacts (content types, lists, features, etc. etc. etc.) using modern client-side code. It will take a declarative artifact that it discovered in a solution and will generate CSOM, JSOM, JavaScript REST or PowerShell code. The platforms that SPTransformator can show this code are:

  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint Online

In order to choose the platform you want to migrate to you will need to either perform an analysis or open existing results and click on the Transform Section.

In the top right you will need to select the platform you want to migrate to using the drop-down selector on "Target Platform".


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