How to: Configure CATNET in SPCAF Ruleset

This article will explain how to configure CANET to be used in SPCAF.

CAT.NET is one of the 3rd Party analyzers that can be integrated in SPCAF via a rule. The rule will be executed only if the tool CATNET is installed locally. If the tool is not found the rule will throw an exception.

The assembly will be checked with Microsoft CAT.NET 1.1 for potential security problems.

Once you have CATNET installed and have enabled the ruleset you will then need to configure the following parameter:

Name Description
CATNetExecutable Absolute or relative path to CAT.NET executable CATNetmd.exe. By default, SPCAF searches for CATNetCmd.exe at the typical installation locations.

In order to utilize this parameters you will need to either add them via the SPCAF Setting editor and the "Configuration and Details" section adding the key and value as detailed above, which is shown below:

Or, via adding the value and key's to the ruleset directly via an .xml editor, as shown below:


    <RuleGroup Name="SPCAF.Integration.CATNET.CATNET">


        <Rule Name="CAT450201">


            <Property Key="CATNETExecutable" Value="directory" />