How to: Create a new workspace to onboard a new organization

This article guides you through the process of creating a new workspace and onboard new organizations. Having multiple workspaces is usually only relevant for consulting partners or manages service providers.

Note: If you manage governance for multiple organizations, Rencore Governance should be organized as follows:

  • Organization = Rencore Governance Workspace​
  • M365 Tenant = Rencore Governance Environment in the Workspace

All users within a workspace can access all environments. Usually, a workspace has only a single environment, but if the organization has multiple tenants (e.g. a production and a test tenant), you could add these. 

Why should you use different workspaces per customer rather than having all tenants in one workspace?

Having workspaces per customer gives data separation. This means only their tenant is visible to them, providing client anonymity.

To create a new workspace and onboard new organizations you will need to log into your Rencore Governance Portal:

Creating a New Workspace

  1. Click on your profile in the top right-hand corner, hover over the current workspace (below Profile & Preferences) and click on "All Workspaces".ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_Allworkspaces-1215x845
  2. The next screen shows all current workspaces setup. Click on "Create a new workspace".ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_Workspaces-1889x355
  3. Create the Workspace by completing the setup wizard:
    • Step 1: Create Workspace:
      • Enter name for the workspace in the "Workspace / Organization name" field.
      • Enter a description for the workspace in the "Description" field.
      • Click "Next" in the top right-hand corner.ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_Create1-1900x538
    • Step 2: What services do you want to govern?
      • Select the services that you wish to govern, once the desired services have been enabled click "Next".ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_CreateService-1887x818
    • Step 3: Where should your data and governance portal be hosted?
      • Select the desired supported data center where Rencore Governance will be hosted.ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_Create3-1899x900
      • Click "Done".

Assigning Users to New Workspace

  1. Click on your profile in the top right-hand corner and click on "Users & Roles".ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_UserRoles-478x534
  2. Click "Invite User".ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_Invite-1920x490
  3. Enter the user's email address and set the permission to "Admin" and click "Invite".ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_InviteEnd-1215x845

Demo Environment and Connecting Customers Tenant

With the creation of the customer workspace, Rencore automatically creates a demo environment with fresh data within the workspace, which you can use to convince the organization of the product and play around without actually connecting a tenant. .

When the organization is ready, you can connect the M365 tenant and scan it to explore Rencore Governance with actual real data. On creation of an environment a 30-day full trial is started.ReGov_NewWorkspaceOnboard_NewConnect-1897x186

Tip: You can create a new trial, by creating a new environment in the workspace. But be aware that data and configuration cannot be migrated from one trial environment to another. 

For details on how to connect a tenant please follow the details in our knowledge base article: How to: Connect a tenant?