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How to: Create a SPTFinventory File

This article will guide you through the process required to generate a .sptfinventory file.

Download the Farm Inventory tool (Rencore.SPTransformator.FarmInventory.exe) from the following link.

Once you have downloaded the Farm Inventory tool you will need to create a new folder on your Farm server and place the .exe into the folder.

Note: The Farm Inventory tool will create a temp folder which by default will be in the location specified by your TEMP environment variable.

To override the location:

  1. Launch Inventory Tool and exit it.
  2. Open a command prompt and launch the application as follows:
      • Rencore.SPTransformator.FarmInventory.exe -tempfolder <location>
        Where <location> is where you want the folder to be (i.e. D:\SPTFInv\temp).

    Also, make sure you place the folder and .exe on a drive with sufficient free space.

    Note: On initially running the tool a .dll and config will be created in the folder. If you want to run the tool on another server only copy the tool as the config contains runtime specifics for the current machine.

    Once you have started the tool you will be prompted to accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA). Please make sure you read these first, before clicking "Accept".

    After accepting the EULA the following screen will appear. Click on the sentence to select a specific content database, else the tool will scan all content databases.

    Tag the databases that you want to scan and click "Ok" to return to the previous screen.

    Remember the more you tick the larger the file and the slower the process will be.

    Click "Start Inventory" to begin the scan of the selected databases.

    A progress bar will appear displaying the time taken and the current items being scanned.

    Once the scan has been completed it will display the summary screen giving the size of the .SPTFinventory file, which you will need to save locally and open with SPTransformator to perform a Farm Analysis.


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