How to: Create an Inventory Farm file

This article guides you through creating an inventory file for use with Rencore Migration

Note: The scan must run on a machine that is part of a SharePoint farm. It is recommended to run the scan on a SharePoint Web Frontend because on a WFE more information about used webparts is available.

Rencore Migration requires a farm inventory file (.spinventory) which is created by Rencore Farm Scan Client. In order to create the file you will need to:

Important: The scan can take several days, depending on the amount and size of the content databases. The scanner tries to have a low impact on the SharePoint database and pauses if it notices a high load on the farm.

It is recommended to run the scan as a scheduled task because in this case no RDP connection is needed, and the scan can run as long as it takes.

If you run the scan via Remote desktop (RDP session) please ensure that the session keeps open and alive during the scan. If the session is closed e.g. due to connectivity issues or due to group policy the scan will not finish.

  • The Rencore Farm Scanner scans a Microsoft SharePoint farm and extracts customizations and configuration information which is used later in further analysis.
  • The scanner does not scan the content of documents.
  • All SharePoint versions from SharePoint 2010 are supported.
  • The scanner queries the SharePoint content databases and uses the SharePoint object model for further information.
  • The data is stored in SQLite databases which are zipped (with extension “.spinventory”) and password encrypted at the end. These “.spinventory” files are later used for further analysis (e.g. to find migration blockers or security issues).

Download the Migration Tool

The farm scanner must run on a machine that is part of a SharePoint farm. It is recommended to run the scan on a SharePoint web frontend because on a WFE there is more information about used webparts.
The farm scanner can be downloaded here.

Launch and configure the Rencore.FarmScan.Client.exe on your SharePoint farm

Once the .exe is on one of the SharePoint Farm Machines you will need to run the .exe.
  1. On the first screen as shown below, please read the End-User License Agreement. Once happy to continue, click the "Accept" button.RM_Trial_Client-FS_EULA_955x663
  2. Next, you will see the configurations for the Farm Scanner. Here you can specify one Content Database to be analyzed, the Output Folder location, and Temp Folder Location. 
  3. To edit any of the configurations please click the "Change" button, and select the desired content databases (If you do not select any Content databases, the farm scanner will scan all databases) or folder location.
  4. Once you are happy with the configurations, select "Full Farm Scan" at the bottom and click "Start Scan".
    A progress screen will appear.RM_Trial_Client-FS_Process_956x665

Copy the farm inventory file to your desktop machine

Once the scan has completed you will be left with a confirmation screen and the option to Open the output folder.RM_Trial_Client-FS_Complete_956x666 Click on the button and copy the .spinventory file to the desktop machine where you will install our Migration tool and perform the analysis.RM_Trial_Client-FS_File_991x161