How to: Create Checks

This article guides you through the process of creating checks for artifacts in Rencore Governance.

In order to add checks to your governance, you need to click on "Checks" on the taskbar and then click on "Add Check".

This will take you to the template page, search for a template, or narrow the templates by Pricing, Category, Severity. It is also possible to narrow the templates by popularity, or via service.Govern_ChecksAdd_Search_1664x186

Here you can select a template for the new check or by creating a custom one.

Creating a check from template

In order to create a template based on a template choose the template that you want to use, on the new page check the details and that appears and click "Create Check".

On the "General Settings" screen you will need to complete enter values for the "Display Name", "Description", "Category", and "Severity". Once done click "Next".

On the "Configuration" screen you will need to set the Parameter, Logic, and Value that you want the check to run for example: Govern_ChecksAdd_Parameter_1920x534

It is possible to add multiple configurable parameters via using the and or attributes. Once happy with the settings click "Done".

Creating a custom check

In order to create a custom check click on the tile "Custom Check". On the next screen choose the artifact type that you want to the check to run on.

On the "Fields" tab, enter the fields that you would like to be reported out by clicking on "Edit" and choosing the desired fields in the list, clicking "Done" when complete.Govern_ChecksAdd_CustFields_335x644

Click "Next".

On the "Filter" screen you will now define filters to limit the shown data of the check. Below the "Filter data", click the "+" button and choose "+ Add Condition".

Next, enter the parameter, logic, and value that you want to filter the check on, once set click "Apply Filter" which will filter the results in view.


It is also possible to add additional parameters to filter the data. Once happy with the filter and results click "Next" in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

On the "Visualizations" screen you need to define which fields should be aggregated to visualize the data in a chart. Here the optional visualizations are:
  • Bar Chart
  • Bar Chart Stacked
  • Column Chart
  • Column Chart Stacked
  • Donut
  • Line Chart

Once you have chosen the desired visualizations click "Next" in the top right-hand corner.

On the final screen "Title", you will need to set the "Title", "Description", and "Severity" of the check. 

Click "Done" to finalize the check.