How to: Export Datagrid to PDF or Excel

This article guides you through the process of exporting Datagrid to PDF or Excel.

In order to export a Datagrid to PDF or Excel in Rencore Governance.

  1. First go to the desired Datagrid (For Example; Inventory > M365 > Licenses, or Checks > Teams with very Few Owners).
  2. At the top of the Datagrid on the right click "Export". ReGov_DataGridExport_Export-1465x222
  3. From the "File format" drop-down choose either Excel (XLSX) or PDF.
  4. Next, choose to either export "Only visible columns" or "All columns" by selecting the desired radio button.
  5. Click "Export".
  6. A Pop up will appear Explaining that you will receive an email when the download is ready.
  7. When you receive the email there will be a link to the file for you to download. Alternatively, you can go to your User Profile > Settings. Click on Exports below "Data Management" to see all your exports.