How to: Identify where SPCAF files are located with 3rd Party Software

This article will explain how you can identify the location where SPCAF files are located or being searched for.

When SPCAF client application is installed system files are by default stored in the SPCAF folder (typically %localappdat%\Rencore\SPCAF) unless set to anything else during the installation of SPCAF.

However, when you integrate SPCAF into 3rd party software the location of the files could in fact change due to the configuration of the 3rd party software. This may become a problem when you are trying to get SPCAF to check for licenses.

As such the easiest way to identify the location where SPCAF is trying to locate the configuration files is by using Microsofts Process Monitor, which can be downloaded here.

Once downloaded, extract and run ProcMon.exe on your system and you will see the following screen.

Which will be a complete list of all the processes running on at the moment on your system. You will need to filter out the results down to Just look at SPCAF.exe

To do this click on "Filter" on the taskbar and click on "Filter" in the drop-down (alternatively, press Ctrl+L). You will need to add the following filters:

  • Process Name contains SPCAF
  • Operation is QueryDirectory
  • Path contains .lic
  • Path contains .caf

Once the filters have been added click the "OK" button. Now run an SPCAF analysis and you will see the location file location that SPCAF is looking at for files.

At this point make sure that your files are present in the corresponding folders.