How to: Install SPCAF in SPDocKit

This article will guide you through the installation of SPCAF in SPDocKit.

This functionality is meant for use with SharePoint Framework projects.

Note: SysKit who develop SPDocKIt is responsible for the version of SPCAF being installed into SPDockIt. The released version may be greatly higher than this and so some released features and functions of SPCAF may not be present when being used in SPDocKit.

Please refer to SPDocKit documentation to find out what version of SPCAF is available with the product.

Running SPCAF analysis of your SharePoint Framework project from SPDocKit allows you to stay productive and easily check if there are any issues in your project. If any issues are found you can quickly fix them. There are two ways to install the SPCAF extension in SPDocKit (Online and Offline).

Note: Due to a .net framework 4.0 requirement, the integration of SPCAF with SPDocKit only supports SharePoint Versions SP2013 and SP2016. If SPDocKit is used in a SharePoint 2010 environment it will open .NET in 3.5 mode, which then does not call SPCAF.

Online Installation

If the machine running SPDocKit, has the internet connection the easiest method to install SPCAF is straight from the program.

  1. Load SPDocKit.
  2. Click On "Help".
  3. Click on "Extension Manager" under "Additional Tools".
  4. On the "Extension Manager" click [Install] against SPCAF.

Once the installation has completed you will be prompted to restart SPDocKit and the SPDocKit service for the integration to be complete.

Note: If the extension has already been installed and there is an update you will see it in on the "Updates" link on the left menu.

Offline Installation

If the machine running SPDocKit is without the internet you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on [Download].
  3. Once the extension has downloaded paste them into the "Extensions" folder, which by default is "C:\ProgramData\SPDoKit\Extensions".
  4. As with the Online version, restart SPDocKit and the SPDocKit Service to complete the integration.