How to: Install SPCAF in Visual Studio 2017

This article will explain how to install SPCAF in Visual Studio's.

Installing SPCAF Extension

SPCAF does not automatically install a Visual Studio add-in to Visual Studio 2017 as it does for previous versions. You will need to manually install the SPCAF extension by using the .vsix available from our downloads on our website.

To download the .vsix go to and click on "User" tab under the SPCAF section, then click on "SPCAF User License" download button, or alternatively click here for the direct download. The will download, once complete extract the .vsix to your desktop.

Note: Before installation, you have to close all running instances of Visual Studio. Also, make sure that your system meets the system requirements.

1. Double click the installer (e.g. "Rencore.SPCAF.VSIX.VS2017.vsix") to initialize.

2. After analyzing your system you will be prompted to select the product you want to install the SPCAF plugin into. Here you can read the release notes. Click "Install" to proceed with the installation.

3. Once the installation has completed the installer will confirm with the following confirmation.

The plugin will now be installed in Visual Studio 2017, although you may not be able to access it straight away.

Enabling SPCAF Extension

After installing the SPCAF extension via the .vsix installer you will then need to make sure the extension is ready to use. To do this go to "Tools" and you want to see "SPCAF SharePoint Code Analysis" ( If it is present then you do not need to continue).

1. In order to enable the extension, you will need to click on "Tools" > "Extensions and Updates".

2. Once in "Extensions and Updates" click on "Installed" in the left-hand menu and then scroll down until you see "SPCAF Audit & Review [Disabled]", click on the "Enabled".

3. After you have clicked on "Enabled" a confirmation will appear confirming "These changes will take effect the next time Microsoft Visual Studio is opened", at this point close Microsoft Visual Studio and reopen. This time when you go back into Microsoft Visual Studio and go to "Tools" you will now have "SPCAF SharePoint Code Analysis".