How to: Invite Users to a Workspace

This article guides you through how to invite users to a Workspace in Rencore Governance.

Note: This needs to be done by the owner or admin of the Rencore Governance Workspace.

In order to add a user to your workspace, you will need to click on the drop next to the name of your workspace in the top right corner and go to "Settings".Govern_Users_Settings_673x432

  1. Next, click on "Users & Roles" and click "Invite User".
  2. Enter the email address of the user you want to invite to your workspace and select what role you want that user to be:
    • Owner: There should only be one owner and that is the first person to create the workspace.
    • Admin: This user has the same rights as the owner where they can add and remove environments, Workspaces, Dashboards, Users.
    • Contributor: This user can work with data, creating dashboards, checks, and inventories, etc.
    • Reader: This user can only read the data granted to them.
  3. Click "Invite" and they will receive an email inviting them to the workspace in Rencore Governance.