How to: Merge and Analyze Multiple Inventory files

This article explains how to merge multiple inventory files of the same farm into one analysis.

If you are trying to analyze a large farm you may have scanned the farm in sections resulting in multiple inventory files. Rather than analyzing these individually producing multiple reports you can merge and analyze as one.

In order to Merge Multiple Inventory (.spinventory) files into one analysis you will need to:

  1. Rename the inventory files so that only one is labeled as "FarmAuditInventory_000001_main" the remaining need to lose the "_main" from the name and have sequential numbering. 
    • For example: You have 3 inventory files called "FarmAuditInventory_000001_main" you will rename two of these as above leaving you with 3 files called "FarmAuditInventory_000001_main", "FarmAuditInventory_000002", and "FarmAuditInventory_000003".
  2. Create a new folder and copy all the Inventory files into this new folder.
  3. Load up the Rencore Migration tool and click Connect "Create a new environment".RCMig_MultiInvAnalysis_Landing-1351x742
  4. Give the new Analysis a "Name", then click on the "Select Folder" button, and choose the folder you created in the previous step.RCMig_MultiInvAnalysis_FolderSelect-1351x742
  5. Check the correct folder has been selected and click "Start Scan".

This will then start the analysis of the files and produce the same report as if a single inventory file had been analyzed.