How to: Provide Support my log files and license

This article will explain how you can provide your log files and license key to our support team, so they can assist you with any issues.

Click here to download our PowerShell Script that will collect the logs for SPCAF and SPTransformator.

From time to time you may have an issue with one of our products. Our support will ask for as much information as possible about the problem and they will probably ask for:

  • A copy of your license.
  • The SPCAF and SPTransformator log files that are created during analysis.
  • A copy of your results or specific reports, or a copy of the package you were scanning.

To help speed up the process, we have created a simple PowerShell script to extract the log files from your system, which can be downloaded at the top of the article.

The script is designed to pull the log files created by SCPAF and SPTransformator into a zip file with a time and date stamped folder. The script will require confirmation if you wish to include your license key with the log files. The script will also ask for details about yourself and your company, your location (in case we need to arrange a remote session), and the support conversation number, which will be logged to a text file and stored in the same folder.

The following Parameters will need to be set:




A choice to include your license file:

Default value=True.

$Company Enter your company name.
$Country Enter the location where you are.
$Name Enter your name.
$Position Enter your position within the company.
$EMail Enter your email address
$SupportTicketID Enter the support ticket ID if you have one present.

If any of the parameters are left blank (other than $IncludeLicenseFile) the script will prompt you to enter the details, at the end of the process.

Once you have the .zip file please attach it to the support conversation you have active or send it to