How to: Provision a New Demo Environment

This article explains the steps to provision a new demo environment in Rencore Governance.

As the data in a demo environment is not updated once provisioned, there is the ability to provision a new demo environment with fresh demo data. Doing this will also include any new dashboards, checks, segments, and automations.

  • In order to provision a new demo environment on your workspace you will need to:
  • Click on the Environments selection in the top left-hand corner of Rencore Governance below the Banner.
  • Click "Manage Environments".
  • On the Environments screen, click the ellipses button next to the "Add environment" button and click "Add new demo environment".

After a few moments and refresh of the page will show the new demo environment labeled with a timestamp (e.g. demo 2021-08-19-12:30).