How to: Re-consent Permissions

This article shows how to re-consent permissions for your tenant in Rencore Governance.

If the system detects that a permission may be missing, it will show a banner indicating as such.ReGov_Re-consentPermissions_Banner-114x229

  1. In order to re-consent permissions click the "Consent now" button on the banner.
  2. You will see the Environment that you have connected to and which account is connected. You will need to re-grant either Global consent or against the particular services by toggling the selector, then click "Give consent", you will then need to enter the admin account that will grant access.
    • If you are not able to grant admin rights directly you will need to click "Ask Admin for consent". This will generate a mail containing the consent link which you will need to mail to your tenant administrator.
  3. Once complete click "Done" at the top of the page which will take you back to the default Dashboard.