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How to: Reauthorize a revoked environment?

This article will guide you through how to reauthorize your environment in AnalysisCloud after it has been revoked.

If an environment has previously had the permission for AnalysisCloud to access it revoked, trying to run any further analyses on it will fail with the following error.

There will also be details on the environment stating when the permission was revoked and that the analysis will be out of date.

To reauthorize AnalysisCloud to have access to your tenant you will need to click on the link "Review Authentication", a prompt will appear stating prompting for re-authentication for AnalysisCloud access.

Click "Re-authenticate".

Sign into your Tenant with an admin account and after reading the Permission request click "Accept".

You will return to your AnalysisCloud portal, if the reauthorization was successful, you will get the following pop up.

You can now run an analysis on your reauthorized environment.


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