How to: Run SPCAF from command line

This article will guide you through how to run SPCAF from Command Line

All tools (code check, dependency analysis, metrics analysis and inventory) can be executed separately on the command line. SPCAF comes with the following command line tools:


Run analysis on command line

The command line tools can be found in the installation directory of SPCAF (typically 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SPCAF\'). Open the command prompt and switch to the SPCAF installation directory. Running one of the command line tools without arguments shows the following information:

NOTE: The SPCAF command line tools cannot be started from a DOS command path, e.g. 'C:\progra~2\SPCAF\spcop.exe'. Always use the windows path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SPCAF\spcop.exe'.

Start one of the command line tools with the following arguments:



The following command runs a code check for all WSP files in folder 'C:\wspfiles' and will create in directory 'C:\outputdir\' the 2 reports 'outputfilename.html' and 'outputfilename.xml'.

 spcop.exe -i "C:\wspfiles" -r "HTML;XML" -o "C:\outputdir\outputfilename.html"

Output Sample


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