How to: Save out SharePoint Health Check App Results?

This article will explain how you can save out the results from our SharePoint Health Check App.

You have now performed an analysis in our SharePoint Health Check App and wish to distribute to either our another person department internally. You can either save out the results as a PDF document which can be provided to anyone or using the saved results which can be given to another person who has our SharePoint Health Check App.

Exporting results as PDF

Once the analysis has finished on your environment you will need to click on the "Save report as PDF" button, which is located in the top left of the screen.

Exporting results

Once an analysis is complete the results are automatically saved in the SPAudit folder (typically C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\Rencore\SPAudit). The .spaudit files are named via the name of the environment, the date and time of the analysis. (for example google_sharepoint_com_20190315_1534.)