How to: Sign in to SPCAF with your Subscription Plan

This article will explain how to sign in to SPCAF with your Subscription Plan.

To use SPCAF you will either need to install an SPCAF license key (see How to: Install your license key) or sign in with an account registered on my.Rencore, which either has an active subscription plan to SPCAF or a Trial Subscription.

Once you have installed SPCAF you will need to:
  1. Start the SPCAF client application. You will see the Sign-in page.SPCAF_SignIn_StartUp-1405x1000
  2. Choose the Sign-in option that you used on and enter your email address and the corresponding password.
  3. Once you have signed-in, your current subscription license will be shown in the footer.
    To confirm your license:
    • Click on the fourth icon at the top of SPCAF from the right (Installed Licenses), this will show your current subscribed license and expiration date.

You will now be able to run analysis in SPCAF and get the full reports, without the banner.