Release Notes - SPCAF BETA

This article lists the changes to SPCAF Beta


  • Category Correctness
    • SPC010203: DeployReferencedAssemblyWithCorrectVersion
    • SPC015703: DeployMissingUrlActionFileOfCustomAction
  • Category Deployment
    • SPC060304: DoNotDeployRootFileMultipleTimes
    • SPC060404: DoNotDeployTemplateFileMultipleTimes
    • SPC062101: DeployMissingImageForFeature
    • SPC060303: DoNotDeployRootFileToTemplatesFolder


  • Fix in SolutionDefinition: Handle schema errors in site definitions
  • Fix in Dependencies "FeatureReferencesImage" (SPD012112): Images not found if they contain slash
  • Fix in Dependencies "ASPXPageRegisterControlTemplate" (SPD036904): Controltemplates not referenced correctly


  • Change for Integration of third party analyzers like FxCop: Path to tools is now stored in Dictionary.xml (and not in app.config anymore). Reason: storing config values centrally for all components; app.config could not be read in Team Build Activity
  • Allow relative paths to third party analyzers (relative to SPCAF installation directory)
  • Disable FxCop.


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