Release Notes - SPCAF 4.1.0

This article lists the changes to SPCAF 4.1.0.

New Functionality

  • Syntax highlighting for source code in rule reports
  • New argument for command line tools: Verbosity to reduce content in output window and in build logs
  • New argument for command line tools: LogFile to provide a path to a log file
  • Added ability to exclude files from analysis (like 'jqery.js,Telerik*.dll'): configuration parameter 'IgnoredFiles' contains the list of excluded files
  • Name of created project file is configurable (via output argument)
  • Improved logging capabilities in custom rules

New Rules

  • Category Correctness
    • SPC010703: DoNotAddDependencyToWebAppFeatureInSiteDefinition
    • SPC017601: DeployMissingAssemblyInWCFWebService
    • SPC010212: DoNotCallSPSiteCatchAccessDeniedException
    • SPC010213: DoNotCallSPSiteReadLocked
    • SPC010223: DoNotImplementDeprecatedInterfaces
    • SPC010224: DoNotInheritFromDeprecatedTypes
    • SPC010225: DoNotUseDeprecatedTypes
  • Best Practices
    • SPC050250: AssignSPQueryRowLimitInLimitedRange
  • Deployment
    • SPC062111: DoNotDeployEmptyElementManifests
    • SPC060111: DoNotDeployBatchFiles
    • SPC060112: DoNotDeployPowerShellScripts

New Depedency Checks

  • SPD010705: SiteTemplateConfigurationReferencesVisibilityFeatureDependency
  • SPD037601: WCFWebServiceReferencesAssembly


  • Improved error message and guidance to make it easier to solve issues
  • Fixed issues with message Unhandled exception: System.Exception: Exception ReFormatXmlDocument
  • Fixed AddTranslationForResourceKey not working for feature with DefaultResourceFile
  • Fixed DeployMissingImageOfListTemplate with schema.xml deployed as Resource file and not Elementfile
  • Fixed issues with calling SPCAF.exe via DOS path: providing error message in this case
  • Fixed issues when unloadable assemblies crashed SPCAF


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