Release Notes - SPCAF 5.1.2

Major release with lots of important improvements

New Features

  • Analyzers
    • New analyzer for JavaScript code applies ca. 150 rules to .JS files in WSPs and Apps
    • New analyzer for SharePoint Apps with lots of rules, metrics, dependencies and inventory checks
  • Client application
    • Completely new client application to improve usability and functionality
    • New client application "Result Viewer" (separate download) to view analysis results without license
    • New settings editor application
  • Migration Assessment
    • New analyzers and reports to analyze WSPs and give recommendations for a transition to the App model
    • Free limited version available
  • Reporting
    • New format of HTML reports with filters, charts, sorting, grouping and many more
    • Extensibility with custom reports and report section
    • New reporting engine based on Razor to ease the creation of custom reports
    • New report type PDF


  • JSLint Integration deactivated by default
  • New and consolidated default settings files
  • New option in settings file to only load enabled analyzers
  • New option in TFS build task to skip project file creation
  • Free tool SPCopCE Community Edition does not loads custom rules to circumvent recreation of commercial rules. It only loads SPCAF rules.


  • During deinstallation of SPCAF the menu items in Visual Studio are not removed
  • Memory Issue when analyzing of large projects (saving of project at the end failed)
  • Smaller fixes in several rules


SPCAF | Release Notes | 5.1.2.