Release Notes - SPCAF 5.1.4

This article lists the changes to SPCAF 5.1.4.

1 important fix (settings editor) and minor fixes and updates

Fixes v5.1.4.9436

  • Fixed issue with incorrect ruleset files. New settings editor saved rulesets not correctly.
  • Fixed issue with empty reports in TFS TeamBuild.
  • Fixed exception while opening a project file and still busy background process.
  • Fixed issue with maximizing client application on different screen sizes.
  • SPCAF Client: Added more information to the list of licenses.

Hotfix v5.1.4.9447

  • Fixed issue in TFS Team Build: Message 'Method not found: TrackBuildWarning' stopped build.
  • Fixed issue in TFS Team Build: Message 'A generic error occurred in GDI+' during report creation.
  • Fixed rule 'SPC156101 Deploy missing control from attribute ControlSrc'. Folder '/15/' in path was not interpreted correctly.
  • Fixed rule 'SPC050250 Assign RowLimit for SPQuery in limited range'. Some assigned values to RowLimit were not interpreted as uint (e.g. value '50').
  • Fixed issue with large memory consumption due to .NET framework assemblies in Silverlight applications.


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