Release Notes - SPCAF 5.2.1

This article lists the changes to SPCAF 5.2.1.

Important new functionality and important fixes for TFS analysis

New Features

  • New PowerShell commandlet: allows the integration of SPCAF into PowerShell scripts (only available for SERVER license).
  • New 'Summary Report' is created as analysis result. The report shows a graphical summary of all results (code quality, metrics, dependencies, inventory) in one report.
  • Free Usage of SPCAF client without license: without any license at least the new summary report is created.
  • New option to suppress error messages in an assembly rule.
  • New metrics and rules for IT-Pros counts modifications of SPFarm and SPWebApplication object, farm feature activiations in full trust code etc.
  • New 'Dependency Inspector' in dependency report to make it easier to browse incoming and outgoing dependencies of a single element in the code.


  • Small UI enhancements: Collapsable result view increased space for report view, new animation during analysis.
  • Change in default rulesets: Removed exclusion of 'Microsoft.SharePoint*.dll' (in property 'IgnoredFiles'). Now Microsoft assemblies are always excluded from analysis.
  • HTML reports are now listed in overview page of results and can be opened in an external browser.
  • HTML reports are listed in advanced view in the list of available report types and are activated by default.
  • Improved error message if analysis failes during file extraction.
  • New argument 'Filters' for Team Build and command line to filter the input files with regular expressions.
  • Change in the HTML rule report. Filtering by Severity does not update the numbers in the summary tiles (errors, warnings etc.) to avoid confusion.
  • Reduced the severity for rule "SPC017511 DeclareRequiredAttributesInListDefinition" from Error down to CriticalWarning. Missing required properties are not causing an error in SharePoint but are still critical enough to fix them.


  • Fixed issue in TFS team build when an exception occured which contains non-printable characters in the exception message.
  • Fixed issue with not excluding Microsoft assemblies completely from analysis.
  • Fixed issue with errors during analysis because of custom rules which are compiled with an older version of SPCAF SDK.
  • Fixed issue in TFS team build when build result was not set to 'partially succeeded' and SPCAF executed with 'quiet' verbosity.
  • Fixed rule 'SPC050237 Do not request SPField from SPFieldCollection by index. Use SPFieldCollection.GetField() instead' to detect only usage of 'Item[System.String]'. Calls to 'Item[System.Guid]' and 'Item[System.Int32]' are ignored.
  • Fixed rule 'SPC080801: WebTemplate file in site definitions should start with 'WEBTEMP'' to case-insensitive check for 'webtemp'.
  • Fixed issue in Settings Editor while loading custom rules which are compiled with an older version of SPCAF SDK.


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