Release Notes - SPCAF 5.2.4

This article lists the changes to SPCAF 5.2.4.

Important improvements


  • Added support for IE8 of the HTML reports.
  • Added configurable timeout for long running execution of rules.
  • Analysis of InfoPath code behind assemblies that are deployed as ElementFile.
  • Added Migration Assessment report to the default ruleset (Extended Recommended).
  • Added save buttons in client application to save additionally created reports (e.g. PDF, DOCX) easier.

New Rules

  • SPC062112 DoNotDeploySharePointAssembliesAsElementFile
  • SPC030206 DoNotStartProcessInReceiver
  • SPC030207 DoNotWriteToFileSystem
  • SPC030208 DoNotModifyRegistry
  • SPC015111 DeclareAttributeMultForMultipleValueFields

New Metric

  • SPM010411 NumberOfInfoPathForms


  • Fix in handling of SuppressMessage attribute when using delegates.


SPCAF | Release Notes | 5.2.4.