Release Notes - SPCAF 5.3.2

This article will list the changes made to SPCAF 5.3.2.

Important improvements and fixes

New Features

  • Suppress Messages in XML
  • New section "Suppressed Messages" in reports
  • Added TFS Build Activity for 2013 to allow for TFS2013 build templates with Visual Studio 2013

New Rules

  • Rule SPC015511 DoNotDeployTaxonomyFieldsInListDefinition
  • Rule SPC010214 DoNotUseSPWebProperties
  • Rule SPC055502 AddEnsureFolderContentTypeInListDefinition
  • Rule SPC055503 AvoidContentTypesInListDefinitions
  • Rule SPC015109 DoNotDefineLowerCaseFieldId
  • Rule SPC055101 DefineSameStaticAndInternalNameInField
  • Rule SPC015213 AvoidCommentsInsideContentType
  • Rule SPC015112 DefineUniqueFieldName
  • Rule SPC015113 DefineUniqueFieldStaticName
  • Rule SPC050239 DoNotUseGetPublishingPages
  • Rule SPC055102 ConsiderAllowDeletionInField
  • Rule SPC055202 ConsiderSealedInContentType
  • Rule SPC055504 ConsiderAllowDeletionInListTemplate
  • Rule SPC056401 DeclareAllowCloseInWebPart


  • Improved the exclusion of files for the analysis: if in a ruleset the list of "IgnoredFiles" is configured the input files that match this settings are globally ignored. This helps to completely exclude files from the analysis when files for the analysis are loaded from a folder (which is often the case in team builds).
  • Rule SPC015404 DeployMissingListTemplateForListInstance, added 116 (Master Page Gallery), 123 (Theme Gallery), 124 (Composed Looks)
  • Updated 'Good practice' in documentation for "SPC020202 AvoidCallToAllowUnsafeUpdatesOnSPWeb"


  • Fix with PathTooLongException for certain rules
  • Rule RemoveUnusedFilesFromPackage (PathTooLongException)
  • Rule DoNotUseSPListItems fixed issue with wrong evaluation of SuppressMessage attributes
  • Hotfix 2015-03-12: Fix in SuppressMessage for XML, suppression not correctly applied in some situations


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