Release Notes - SPCAF 6.0.5

This article lists the changes to SPCAF 6.0.5.

Major release with many improvements, new features, new CSOM rules, improved desktop UI and many more.

New Features

New Rules (Full Trust and CSOM)


  • Ability to change installation folder during installation
  • Added Application Insights in analysis engine
  • Reports in trial mode show more information (every third notification is not displayed)


  • Fix in dependencies for .ASPX and ASCX page to ignore HTML and ASP.NET comments code during analysis
  • Fixed rule 'SPC015705 DeployMissingRibbonImageOfCustomAction', rule was not mapping {SiteUrl} correctly
  • Fix in handling of ignored files: Some rules analyzed files which are part of "IgnoredFiles" list
  • Added more details to FxCop messages, e.g. method and type of violation
  • Hotfix 2015-11-02: Added handling for assemblies which cannot be loaded due to special obfuscation
  • Hotfix 2015-11-02: Update Razor engine to solve special issue with empty report


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