Release Notes - SPCAF

Major release with great new features, new PowerShell rules and many improvements.

Warning: Breaking change for custom rules: Due to major changes in the analysis engine custom developed rules must be recompiled with the latest SPCAF.Sdk. See "Upgrade of custom rules developed before v6.5". Also more files can be discovered and will be analyzed with the improved engine. Therefore you can find more errors and warnings in your code with this version.

New Features


  • Added picture with dependency diagram to dependency reports
  • PowerShell cmdlet can be configured with a custom config file


  • Fixed issues with integration of CSSLint
  • Fixed issues with printing of reports inside the client application
  • Fix in rule SPC055503 AvoidContentTypesInListDefinitions to allow suppression
  • Fixed issue in metric reports: sometimes numbers in charts where not displayed correctly
  • Fixed casing issue in PowerShell script of TFS 2015 build task
  • Fix in rule SPC055502 AddEnsureFolderContentTypeInListDefinition: Attribute "FolderCreation" was not correctly evaluated
  • Fix in rule SPC052201 CustomFieldTypesShouldNotBeUserCreatable: Value for "UserCreatable" was not correctly parsed
  • Fix in schema of ListDefinitions (error message "'ShowToolbar' is not a valid value for ToolbarType."), added 'ShowToolbar' manually to the schema of ListDefinitions
  • Fix in reading folders in WSP files that contains '%20'
  • Fix in ListInstances: Line number inside XML was not correctly evaluated
  • Hotfix 2016-06-29: Issue with empty reports after analysis fixed
  • Hotfix 2016-09-27: Issue with wrong size of activation form in Visual Studio, adding support for SonarQube


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