Release Notes - SPCAF

Major release with an optimized analysis engine. Update to the rules used in Powershell to match of Audit & Review Client. Added notifications on License Expiry and further improvements to the rule list of SharePoint Framework (SPFx).

New Features

  • Change default installation directory to %localappdata%\Rencore\SPCAF and change the default user directory to %UserProfile%\Documents\Rencore\SPCAF.
  • Powershell Version now contains the same number of rules as the Audit & Review Client.
  • Added a notification which now indicates the Expiration of Licenses in Audit & Review Client.
  • Support is now provided for analyzing resources embedded with in assemblies.
  • Introduce facility to perform SPCAF Analysis of SharePoint Framework projects without a build.
  • Introduce a new task definition file (gulfile-SPCAF.js) solely for SPCAF without worry of effecting gulpfile.js.
  • Improved SPFx rules.
  • Added a refresh button for better handling for offline activation in Audit & Review Client, added Refresh button to allow re-initiating activation after getting online again.
  • SharePoint Framework rules ID's have now changed.
  • SPCAF now comes shipped with specific ruleset for SharePoint Framework.
  • Refactored SPFx rules to support the SharePoint Framework GA release.
  • Highly improved analysis engine: Doubled analysis speed with halved memory consumption.
  • Analysis of SharePoint Framework projects (SPFx).


  • SPC019904: Fixed an issue that which could causes different results per scan.
  • SPC019013: Fixed an issue causing a false positive with <IF> in context without an <ELSE>.

New Rules for SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

  • Security
    • SPF020702: WebPart doesn't reference scripts from unapproved location.
    • SPF020802: WebPart properties should be escaped.
  • Best Practice
  • Performance
    • SPF120501: Don't bundle external libraries into your WebPart.
    • SPF120901: CDN hosting external scripts has far future expiry configured.
    • SPF120902: Bundle is served gzipped.
  • Metrics


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