Release Notes - SPCAF

List the changes to SPCAF

In this release Improvements made on how reports are called and further improvements to the rule list of SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and SPCAF.

New Features

  • Improve how Reports in SPCAF client behave when resizing the Window.
  • Update the user interface for report format selection.
  • Add the facility to utilized the "ignoregeneratedcode" parameter in FxCop.


  • Fixed an unexpected crash and Improved notification when trying to scan a locked file.
  • Fixed an issue where the Company Name was not being displayed on the PDF report.
  • Fixed an issue where Visual Studio was not linking to the right location for release notes.
  • Updated the Wording and Branding to Visual Studio.
  • SPM040201 : Corrected a false positive when the npm-shrinkwrap file is present in the project.
  • Fixed an issue with the Activation Window and Activate Link not showing.
  • SPM040201 : Fixed a spelling error on Rule.
  • Fixed the reported version in Control Panel.
  • Fixed an issue when using where reports were not created when using PowerShell or CommandLine and request report in lowercase (html,xml,docx or pdf).
  • Fixed display issue were "Release Notes Box" in "Dialogue Box" does not expand to show the release notes.
  • Fixed a display issue on the notes of "New Version Available" screen.
  • Running "gulp spcaf-nobuild" after "gulp build" now exits with warning.
  • Removed duplicated rule "Do not use inline code in ASPX pages".
  • Fixed an issue where rule SPF010711 was not returning notification if two web parts had a similar name.
  • Fixed an issue where rule SPF120701 was not being triggered on spkkg included in projects.
  • Fixed an issue where rule SPF010803 is not returning notification for web parts with a similar name.
  • Fixed spelling errors in documentation.
  • Fixed an issue with license transfer with Powershell.
  • Fixed an issue in the documentation where browsing on one page takes you to another.
  • Updated Footers to show current year for copyright.
  • Fixed an issue with Rule SPC060402 incorrectly flagging up .svg as not being an image file.
  • Fixed a display issue with "Requesting Activation License" window.

New Rules for SharePoint Framework (SPFx)


    • SPF021301 : Project doesn't reference scripts from unapproved locations.

Best Practice

    • SPF050901 : Server hosting bundles supports CORS.


    • SPF120903 : Proxies should be able to cache the script.
    • SPF120904 : Script Served with an ETag.
    • SPF120905 : Script should be served using HTTP/2.


    • SPF010802 : Don't use HttpClient to connect to SharePoint.

New Metric Rules

Feature Elements

    • SPI027301 : Provides information about deployed Master Pages.
    • SPI026901 : Provides information about deployed Page Layouts.


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