Release Notes - SPCAF

This article lists the changes to SPCAF

In this release, we now have support for Visual Studio 2017, increased the rules supported in SonarQube and improve on the rule list for SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and SPCAF.

New Features

  • Updated the list of SPCAF rules available in SonarQube to match SPCAF.
  • Updated severity mappings between SPCAF and SonarQube.
  • Added SharePoint Framework rules to the SPCAF SonarQube plugin.
  • Added AngularJS rules to the SPCAF SonarQube plugin.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017.
  • Added a set of rules detecting JavaScript libraries used in SharePoint Framework client-side web parts.
  • Add support for analyzing SharePoint Framework extensions.
  • Added support for analyzing contents of inline JavaScripts.
  • Improved accuracy of determining performance quality of external scripts referenced in a SharePoint Framework solution.
  • Changed IDs of SharePoint Framework Inventory rules.


  • Fixed issue with suppression not working for None-Generated Rules in complex JS Files.
  • Fixed an exception in SPCAF.Rules.PowerShell.DoNotUsePositionalParameters caused by SPCAF.Rules.PowerShell.
  • Fixed an issued where SPC019104 was not flagging all functions as errors.
  • Fixed issued with SPC019105 identifying errors for both function and code (when the code is correct).
  • Fixed incorrect wording of exception message to correctly match the error.
  • Fixed an issue where Angular errors could be reported twice under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the selection of multiple files for analysis.
  • Fixed an issue where .zip and .ps1 files could not be selected directly.
  • Corrected invalid URL's linked in the rules documentation.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.

New Rules for SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

  • Inventory
    • SPF810101 : Project configuration references AngularJS.
    • SPF810102 : Project configuration references jQuery.
    • SPF810103 : Project configuration references Knockout.
    • SPF810104 : Project configuration references React.
    • SPF810105 : Project configuration references ReactDOM.
    • SPF810106 : Project configuration references Handlebars.
    • SPF810701 : Client side web part manifest references AngularJS.
    • SPF810702 : Client side web part manifest references jQuery.
    • SPF810703 : Client side web part manifest references Knockout.
    • SPF810704 : Client side web part manifest references React.
    • SPF810705 : Client side web part manifest references ReactDOM.
    • SPF810706 : Client side web part manifest references Handlebars.
    • SPF810801 : JavaScript file references AngularJS.
    • SPF810802 : JavaScript file references jQuery.
    • SPF810803 : JavaScript file references Knockout.
    • SPF810804 : JavaScript file references React.
    • SPF810805 : JavaScript file references ReactDOM.
    • SPF810806 : JavaScript file references Handlebars

New Rules for JavaScript

  • Code Quality
    • SPC048901 : JavaScript file uses SharePoint REST API.
    • SPC048902 : JavaScript file uses SPService.
    • SPC048903 : JavaScript file uses SharePoint JavaScript Object Model.
    • SPC048904 : JavaScript file uses Microsoft Graph REST API.
    • SPC048905 : JavaScript file uses Microsoft Graph beta REST API.
    • SPC048906 : JavaScript file uses Microsoft Graph v1.0 REST API.
    • SPC048907 : JavaScript uses Microsoft Graph SDK.
    • SPC048908 : JavaScript file uses SP PnP JS.


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